Why design matters

In any setting the value of beauty goes far beyond skin deep

Whether it’s a place, a person or an item, the way something looks is the first thing we notice. Appearances matter when it comes to trying to run a successful establishment, as this is what gives you your vital first impression for making a connection with guests and residents.

So if you are trying to boost the success of your hotel, restaurant, care home or student accommodation, a strong look and feel to the venue is the best place to start. The best design is that which is both fashionable and functional.

Let’s take a closer look at the importance of design in any setting, exploring how different establishments can use design to create the right impact. From there, we’ll be looking at what you can do to give your venue the design it deserves.


The importance of design

Using any space is truly a sensory experience, but the sense that hits us first is our sense of sight. Each establishment has something we look for, whether it’s great tastes in a restaurant or comfortable textures in a care home, but across all venues, aesthetic appeal maintains its importance.

And the importance of design goes deeper than just surface level; great design can benefit your establishment as a whole. Figures from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development found that companies which integrated strong interior design into their work had a 9.1% higher rate of employment growth. So how do these benefits translate into different interior settings?


Luxury in hotels

Luxury hospitality accounts for more than 29% of the total global luxury market, growing 5% faster than the luxury goods segment. This is according to figures from London-based global management firm Bain & Company, and reflects the growing expectations for luxury in the hotel industry. Guests are seeking increasingly decadent hotel experiences, which can involve personal service, streamlined check-in and check-out processes and little luxurious touches. However, often the clearest and most immediate way to exude luxury is with a luxury setting. Materials like velvet, leather and solid wood can all elevate the elegance of a hotel.

Comfort in care and retirement homes

Reports from Age UK reveal that more than a quarter of care home residents (27%) have lived in their care home for three years or more. This hammers home the point that a care or retirement home should feel like a home away from home, providing residents with a comfortable, attractive and functional setting they can unwind in. The design of the setting has a lot to do with this, from the furniture you choose to the layout, colour palette and lighting you introduce. For example, blue tones, soft lighting and simple chic furniture can create a relaxing bedroom hub.

Ambience in restaurants

We tend to think of great food and great service as the twin pillars of a good restaurant experience, but in order to stand out in an already busy industry, great design is necessary, too. A study by the Rochester Institute of Technology found that interior design is one of the factors which most influences customer satisfaction in a restaurant. Depending on the nature of your restaurant, creating a consistent look can give you a definitive ambience, such as the use of warm tones, dark woods and pendant lighting in an evening establishment.

Focus in student accommodation

In the UK, 71% of students remain at university throughout their course. While this is a high retention figure when compared to other areas (49% in the US and 31% in Australia), it still leaves almost a third of students failing to complete their course. In fact, studies show that students are often overwhelmed by work pressure, finding it difficult to study in a busy library. A comfortable and attractive study area within a student’s bedroom can give them the focus they need. While features like connectivity and sockets are important in achieving this, high quality seating and surface furniture is the best place to start.

Find premium interiors with the COLLECTION from YTM

So now that we know how important great design can be, it’s time to explore how to achieve it. From luxury to comfort, YTM’s the COLLECTION celebrates all the qualities that great design brings. The COLLECTION has been designed to complete any interior setting to the highest standard, be it a retirement village, a luxury hotel or simply the efforts of an interior designer. Cutting edge design, superior manufacture and immaculate finishes all come together to make this our most exclusive range yet, featuring elegant items with an unrivalled premium feel.

The core of our work here at YTM has always been our ability to expertly manufacture, hand-source and hand-procure care, hotel and contract furniture in the UK. From the first sketch to of an idea to its physical production, we manage our control out entire product development process to ensure elite quality unmatched in the market. This is what the COLLECTION reflects.

Here are some examples of how the COLLECTION can elevate the look and feel of your establishment.

Elegant dining is a must in any establishment. Here, we can see how different elements such as dark, reflective woods, rich upholstery and plenty of natural light work together to create a dynamic and dignified setting. The harmony between the Fontaine dining chairs, Asti dining table and Gifford sideboard makes for a modern yet elegant look.

Whether it’s a communal retirement village living room or a hotel lounge, a comfortable place for relaxing and socialising is a must. Here, the Grandiosa range provides modern and sleek seating with a retro twist, offering style and substance in equal measure. Combined with Shea display sideboards and a warm overall palette, this interior setting is both inviting and elegant.

In a space like a restaurant or hotel, you need to give guests a choice of environments to enjoy. The Jaoa collection offers a more intimate and rich dining experience than the grand luxury of the Asti table above. This is comfortable dining and socialising with elegance, using muted, warm tones and lacquered finishes to offer a low-key luxury dining experience.

The Malea dining collection offers residents or guests a place to sit together, converse and unwind, as well as a comfortable place to enjoy a meal. The use of intriguing rounded shapes and rich wooden tones create a modern vibe which would fit perfectly in any communal space, while little touches like the dining table’s meet-in-the-middle legs add thoughtful interest. The inclusion of a solid sideboard ensures that, practically speaking, your residents have plenty of storage when they need it.

Occasional furniture is that which breaks up the monotony of a space with a unique addition, providing furniture which is often useful and always stylish. The Paulson occasional chair is one such example, here providing a comfortable place to put your feet up in an otherwise neutral setting. The chair provides a delicate touch of Nordic charm and, like all of the pieces in the COLLECTION, can be tailored to your exact specifications with a range of leg and carcass finishes.

See more of the COLLECTION from YTM right here, and explore the brochure to discover even more about our most exclusive furniture designs yet. Alternatively, you can speak to the YTM team directly about your establishment. Simply call us on 01977 66 50 50 or leave us an enquiry online by clicking here. Whether you’re furnishing a retirement home, hotel or something else entirely, we can help you create a truly premium environment.

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