Which upholstery is the right upholstery?

When it comes to seating, the right material can make all the difference

As we all know, there is a lot to consider when choosing furniture in any commercial or residential space. As well as finding pieces that are suitable on an aesthetic level, you also need to consider a whole host of practical elements such as comfort and resilience. But where do you start when choosing upholstery? And how do you know when a certain fabric or material will meet your needs in the long term.

To help guide you through the decision-making process, here’s an introduction to the type of upholstery options available here at YTM. And let us give you an insight into the kind of questions we would expect you to ask us before placing an order.

What factors should you consider?

Upholstery has the power to completely change the way a space looks and feels. As such, there are many factors which you’ll need to take into account before making your final decision. These include: colour, texture, durability and pattern.

Colour and pattern

Oakland Primecare, furnished by YTM


Colour and pattern are, of course, the keys to making a first impression. After all, appearances precede experience – whether it is a hotel lobby or a care home living room. A bold colour choice or strong pattern can make a room feel more youthful and energized, but can also create an overbearing atmosphere if used in excess.

Often, our interiors team will recommend choosing your most daring and arresting upholstery choices sparingly – perhaps reserved for a small number of statement chairs dotted around a room rather than used uniformly throughout a space. A little of what you love is often better than too much.

Think carefully about the emotional impact of the colours you use, too. For example, light tones like lilac, light blue and cream can all have a calming effect, making them well-suited to bedrooms.


Mercure – Bristol, furnished by YTM


Texture is the next thing those using the space will notice about your upholstery. The way a piece of furniture feels can have a direct impact on how comfortable and inviting the room becomes as a whole. Consider whether you want your upholstery to be soft or firm; detailed or sleek. Answering these questions will help you narrow down your options. 


Mill Hotel & Spa, furnished by YTM


Durability is a more practical consideration, one with a long-term impact. Consider how easy your option is to clean and how durable it is against potential damage-causers like spills, stains and tears. Opting for high quality upholstery will help give you peace of mind regarding durability, no matter your choice.

What kind of upholstery should you choose?

Once you’ve answered these questions regarding the factors you want your upholstery to meet, it’s time to choose the specific kind of upholstery you want. One of the most popular options when it comes to synthetic fibres is acrylic, which offers a similar feel to wool. Acrylic is relatively inexpensive and easy to care for, resisting stains well and retaining colour more effectively than many other materials. It can be slightly more difficult to clean than natural wool, but it does possess impressive sun-resistant qualities.

A selection of soft furnishing samples at YTM’s Design Studio


Alternatively, natural cotton is a fibre that is resistant to fading, wear and tear. 100% cotton is also highly resistant to wrinkling and soiling. One of the main benefits of choosing cotton for upholstery is its “breathability”, which enhances the comfort of a piece of furniture. Communal dining and living areas are the ideal place to introduce cotton upholstery, as it can withstand repeated use. Cotton can also lend itself to a variety of different styles depending on the colour and pattern choices you make.

The possibilities are endless with YTM…

YTM’s in-house Design Studio


Here at YTM, the only limit is your imagination. We utilise thousands of fabrics from leading designers within our upholstery. Choose from brands such as Agua, Harlequin, Clarke & Clarke and Romo at our design studio and we can create truly bespoke products, tailored to your exact requirements and specifications.

Can’t find the right fabric in our collection? Have a design or pattern in mind? We often work with leading design houses to produce custom products that are truly unique. So, however unorthodox or niche your ideas, we want to hear about them.

At YTM our furniture is created by hand and in-house, offering you a say in every stage of manufacture. Our showroom and design studio features hundreds of products, fabrics and finishes. We can help you narrow down your options and create stunning furniture which will truly make your establishment feel like one of a kind.

Get in touch today and let’s start the conversation. Call our team on 01977 66 50 50 or click here to leave an enquiry online.

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