The many benefits of buying British

Individuals and businesses are often encouraged to buy British for that warm and fuzzy feeling of supporting the local economy and safeguarding jobs. But the benefits of purchasing from within the UK extend much further than this when you buy from YTM.

At YTM Group we design and create every piece of our contract furniture from one of two extensive production facilities in West Yorkshire. With more than 35 years’ experience in the furniture trade we have always prided ourselves on our ability to combine style, quality and outstanding customer service – traits often associated with buying British.

In a competitive marketplace, our customers are always looking for more from their manufacturing partners. So what are the real benefits of buying British and placing your trust in YTM?

1.Programme flexibility

Many of our customers come to us with complicated build programmes that not only require a meticulous attention to detail but can also change at short notice. For businesses in the care market or hospitality industry, in particular, this means that the contract manufacturer has to be responsive and agile.

As a British business, our lead times are a fraction of those offered by our competitors based in Europe or further afield. We are flexible to changing customer requirements and can work with businesses to make modifications or prototype new products to brief. We don’t believe in manufacturing at arm’s length; instead we prefer to work collaboratively with clients to ensure that their high expectations are met and exceeded.

2.Lean manufacturing

Efficiency lies at the heart of our manufacturing processes. As a responsible business we are focused on limiting waste and ensuring value for money for our clients. Everything from our machinery to our working processes has been honed over the years to become more effective and streamlined. We have invested heavily in industry technologies and the right people to guarantee that we produce furniture worthy of the YTM name.

Through our Lean manufacturing principles we are able to keep costs down without compromise, delivering the very best final product to clients at a competitive price. This is possible because everything from initial drawings to final checks is managed and controlled right here in the UK under the watchful eyes of experienced manufacturing professionals. We don’t outsource to other parts of the world and so we are able to eliminate those unnecessary margins that can often cause the final cost of a contract to rack up.

3.Production transparency

As a UK manufacturer, we know that transparency is important to our customers. Not only does our purchasing team source the highest quality materials at the best prices; we are also committed to buying responsibly from reputable sources and adhering to our core values.

4.Reduced carbon footprint & environmental focus

We live in a time of change. We can no longer ignore the impact of industry on the world. At YTM we understand that beautiful, cost-effective production shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment. And we want our customers to know that buying from us means holding to the values of a modern Britain.

By carefully sourcing our materials and keeping the entire manufacturing process in-house, we are able to employ effective energy saving initiatives and reduce our carbon footprint. As an environmentally conscious organisation we make every effort to comply with and exceed the requirements of current environmental legislation and relevant industry codes of best practice.

Thanks to the fact that we are based right here in the UK it also means that the environmental impact of delivery is also greatly reduced – another key factor for many of our conscientious clients in 2017. We coordinate customer deliveries by location to prevent partial loads and repeat journeys where possible.

5.Enriched communities and jobs for local people

British manufacturing creates jobs and enriches local communities. We are proud to support our home economy and provide career opportunities for passionate and driven individuals in our local area. The more consumers look to British businesses to meet their needs, the more UK jobs will be available in manufacturing, design, transport, marketing and many other areas of expertise.

At YTM, we support young people in the local community by offering apprenticeship opportunities. Apprenticeship roles in the UK inspire the next generation and give them a chance to gain specialist working skills that they can go on to use for life.

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