Tailored to you: the benefits of going bespoke

Considering bespoke furniture for your establishment opens up a whole world of possibilities

Whether a hotel, restaurant, care home or student property, the right furniture can completely transform the way a space looks and feels. However, it can be difficult to find off-the-shelf pieces that are suited to your taste and brand, making it all-too easy to become frustrated when you can’t find the right solution for your space. Similarly, you may want to ensure that your establishment is unique and different with furniture that won’t also be on show in every other hotel, restaurant or care home.

Here at YTM Group, we are no strangers to bespoke furniture manufacture. From customising chairs and tables to creating completely unique and iconic storage solutions, we take pride in our ability to craft furniture that is functional, innovative and completely different from anything your competitors can offer. Let’s take a look at just how beneficial going bespoke can be to your project.

The benefits of bespoke furniture

Fabric samples from YTM Group’s in-house Design Studio, West Yorkshire


When you struggle to find pieces that match your exact specifications, bespoke furniture offers an opportunity to accurately reflect your vision for your establishment. It does this while also boasting the practical benefit of fitting seamlessly into any space, no matter how small or unusual. Bespoke furniture can help you make the most of a room’s layout, filling any awkward alcove with an eye-catching piece of furniture.

Choosing bespoke allows you to flex your creativity, fashioning something completely unique to your project. No feature is too big or too small to incorporate and we love the challenge of working to a brief that is truly personal to our clients.

Whether you are a stickler for detail and have a very clear vision for what your want; or you wish to leave the creativity to our in-house experts, we will always accommodate your preferred method of working. The combination of our turnkey service and extensive bespoke options puts your preferences and vision firmly at the centre of your project.

Discover endless possibilities with YTM Group’s bespoke services

Upholstering at YTM Group’s factory, West Yorkshire


At YTM Group, we often find that clients love our existing product ranges but they would like to add a slightly more personal touch. To accommodate these needs we are able to tailor all of our product families – utilising different fabrics and colours; swapping table and chair legs; altering seat heights and cushion tensions. Have a particular fabric in mind from one of your favourite designers? We will source and fit your chosen fabric on any of our upholstery products.

Many people are put off by bespoke furniture due to the misconception that it is an expensive option. This is not the case at YTM Group. Even when a piece from our collection is altered using bespoke services, we refuse to inflate the cost or charge “couture” prices. This allows you to create a truly custom piece at no extra cost.

YTM Group’s factory, West Yorkshire


Our choices of finishes range from woodgrains, veneers and solid tones to vinyl, painted, quartz and powder-coated metal. We can also alter even the smallest details on soft furniture items, including curtain headings, curtain designs, pelmets, valances, roman blinds, bed throws, runners and cushions — all customisable with an endless number of options available.

You can also try items before you commit to buying them, and for selected orders we will happily to create a sample room to demonstrate you how the furniture will look in your space. This gives you a comprehensive sense of how the final product will look, as well as offering the chance to make any informed changes long before installation takes place.

Creating our pieces in-house at our West Yorkshire factory means that our turnaround times are significantly shorter than those of our competitors. Want to make changes and see revised samples quickly? Being a UK-based business we are reactive and able to work to the tightest of deadlines – with none of the problems related to international shipping.

Transform your establishment with furniture from YTM Group. Our turnkey process gives you a say in every stage of the design project, meaning together we can turn your vision into a reality. Get in touch with our team today and let’s start a conversation. Call us on 01977 66 50 50 or leave us an online enquiry by clicking here. You can even visit us in-house at our West Yorkshire Head Office where you’ll find our extensive Design Studio and Showroom.

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