We’re rounding off the year by putting one of our most exciting statement pieces under the spotlight


Last month, we explored one of our most popular pieces of occasional furniture: the Herring sideboard. This month, as the festive period gets underway, we’re putting one of our more striking pieces, the Prism, under the radar.

What the Herring offers in adaptability, the Prism offers in sheer personality. This glamorous sideboard is one of our most popular statement additions for projects of all kinds, so let’s take a closer look at what makes the Prism so special.

The Prism: luxury furniture with wow-factor

The Prism isn’t a piece that can be easily forgotten. YTM Group designer, Alex Thornhill, explains what it is about the Prism that makes it stand out:

“There was no holding back when it came to designing the Prism — it’s all about creating something with the wow-factor. We wanted to create a piece that felt luxurious but also fun; modern and yet slightly retro. The metallic finish and unique panelling ensure that the Prism always catches the eye in even the busiest communal environments.

The Prism – Large Sideboard from YTM Group


“I love the colour combination on this model of the Prism. The contrast of Black Walnut Wood with Nomadic Gold perfectly highlights the uniqueness of the piece’s form, and the way in which light hits the angular fascia of the Prism creates an intriguing and dramatic effect — something which hasn’t been found in care home furniture before.”

We love the fact that the Prism is practical as well as stylish. Not only does the sideboard offer plenty of necessary storage and surface space, but the use of metallic materials means that light is reflected back into the rest of the room, creating a brighter and more pleasant setting overall.

A statement piece that never fails to catch the eye

The unapologetic aura of glamour that surrounds the Prism makes it the perfect addition to any communal dining area. Its presence instantly elevates the overall look and feel of its environment, making an otherwise neutral space stick in the mind.

The Prism — Small Sideboard from YTM Group


The Prism can be paired with other metallic features like wall mirrors or lamps in order to create a feature wall with real impact. Alternatively, decorative plants and photographs juxtapose its sleek form to create a more personal focal point.

YTM Group offers a world of bespoke options

If you love the Prism but would like to add a more personal touch to its design, you’re in luck. Here at YTM Group, we are able to tailor all of our product families to suit your exact specifications. Whether it’s a change in colour, material or size, we’re happy to alter our pieces to suit your project.

The Prism can be altered in a variety of ways, including with carcass veneer finishes like Grey Stain Oak and Black Wash, and special fascia finishes like Brushed Aluminium, Boston Concrete and Copper Red. It is also available as both a large and small sideboard. These options allow you to create something truly unique, while our turnkey process means that we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your overall interior vision becomes a reality.

YTM Group is home to a vast collection of stunning furniture to fit every style and scheme, so why not see what we can do for your project? Get in touch with our team today and let’s start a conversation. Call us on 01977 66 50 50 or leave us an online enquiry here.

You can also arrange to meet us in-person at our Yorkshire Head Office, which also houses our Design Studio and Showroom.

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