Product Focus: The Herring

This striking geometric storage unit is a stand-out piece in our collection. But you’d be surprised how easily it can blend into a variety of settings. Let us explain.

We all know that storage plays a crucial role in interior design. Yet, all too often it gets categorised as a purely practical consideration. While smart storage can bring plenty of practical benefits to a space, an attractive storage unit can also boost a room’s aesthetic appeal immensely.

A sideboard is the ideal practical solution to storage problems – be it in a dining area, living space, hallway or bedroom. With stunning design elements and outstanding build quality our Herring sideboard ticks every box when it comes to luxury storage solutions. Let’s take a closer look at this popular piece from our extensive furniture collection.

The Herring: bringing elegance and efficiency together in perfect harmony

The Herring with doors

Named for its use of Herringbone wood, our Herring sideboard brings retro-inspired luxury to any space. The geometric design is evocative of 1970s glamour, playing on one of the most popular design trends of the moment.

The smooth finish and slim metallic base of the piece is juxtaposed beautifully by the intricate wood patterns decorating the sideboard’s front. Using wood grains that move in different directions adds an element of fun and fascination to the design, helping the Herring stand out in any interior setting.

The Herring with doors + drawers to the right

The piece is available in several different variations and can be tailored to a range of needs. You can invest in a Herring with double doors and three drawers to the right, with central drawers flanked by spacious cupboards, or with three cupboard doors and no drawers. The carcass is also available in a range of woods including black walnut, light oak, dark oak and black wash. What’s more, the base can be customised with slick, modern powder-coated finishes like powdered black, powdered silver, powdered bronze and powdered copper.

The ideal addition to any care or hotel establishment

Springfield Healthcare – Mayfield View, furnished by YTM


The retro glamour of the Herring makes it a fantastic addition to any care home, where reminiscence furniture additions are often the most appreciated by residents (helping the elderly feel at home in an environment that draws on styles from bygone eras). The light wood tones and crisp structure of the piece make it pleasing to the eye, while the plentiful storage space also ensures that it’s a practical addition to any care home dining area.

Likewise, the unquestionable sense of luxury that the Herring provides makes it a great addition to any communal hotel space. Be it a lobby or a dining area, the Herring helps to create a focal point. It offers plenty of surface space as well as storage space, providing the opportunity to dress up the piece with attractive accessories. Simple additions like a wall mirror hanging above, or a vase of energizing greenery, highlights the piece perfectly.

A range of options and services available from YTM

The Herring, accessorised with gold accents and touches of nature


The Herring is just one example of the unique quality pieces we offer here at YTM. With four decades of experience in contract furniture manufacture under our belt, we understand that no one knows your establishment quite like you. That’s why we offer an endless array of bespoke options with every piece of furniture, as well as a turnkey approach to our projects which ensures that you get a say at every stage.

Our furniture items are made in-house and by hand, so from seating and storage to beds and tables, we can help you transform your establishment step-by-step.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and discover all the ways YTM can help you transform your establishment. Call us on 01977 66 50 50 or leave us an enquiry online by clicking here. You can even visit us in-person at our in-house Design Studio.

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