Looking ahead at YTM Group’s biggest trends for 2019

For four decades, YTM Group has led the way in luxury contract furniture manufacture, engineering the very best in design for a variety of projects including care homes, hotels and student accommodation.

Despite our extensive experience in the industry, we value our future just as passionately as our past. We aim to outdo ourselves with every new piece we create, and to do that we take inspiration from a variety of sources – some more unusual than others, including design movements of bygone eras, pretty-in-pink playfulness and even the ocean.

The start of a new year means new opportunities for exciting furniture designs. With 2019 fast approaching, these are the trends inspiring our upcoming pieces…

Art Deco

YTM Group’s Art Deco moodboard, featuring swatches by Cambria, Zoffany, Today Interiors, Kirkby Design, Kronospan and Delius Textiles


Few design movements are as iconic and instantly recognisable as the Art Deco style of the early 20th century and, in particular, the roaring 1920s. As 2019 rolls around and we come closer to the 2020s, this opulent and exciting design movement is once again taking centre stage – almost a century after it kicked into life.

Art Deco evokes an unmistakeable sense of glamour, so it’s no surprise that the movement began in Paris as a result of elaborately decorative art exhibitions. Since then, the style has found its way into art, architecture, fashion and, of course, furniture.

Geometric shapes, strong lines, playful elements and bold tones of green, gold and monochrome are all key to Art Deco, pairing beautifully with sumptuous materials and lacquered finishes. There is no shortage of luxury in Art Deco furniture, inviting decadent features like brass, velvet and shining veneers.

Some of the brand names inspiring our Art Deco fabric choices for 2019 are Zoffany, Delius Textiles, Kirkby Design and Today Interiors.

Nude shades

Dakota Deluxe – Glasgow, furnished by YTM Group


Neutral shades are often seen as a ‘safe bet’ in interior design, but in 2019 they’re back in focus and stripped bare, showing why they not only stand the test of time but also allow bolder colours and patterns to shine. Nude tones transition beautifully across the seasons, offering a sense of warmth and comfort in the winter and a touch of glamour in the summer.

From upholstery to wallcoverings and soft furnishings, we’re letting nude shades inspire our creations in 2019. These barely-there earthy shades and sandy neutrals provide scope for both smaller items of furniture and statement pieces when contrasted with innovative forms and textures.

Tones like oatmeal are as diverse as they are dynamic, lending themselves to a variety of fabrics, styles and interior schemes.

Natural materials

YTM Group’s Natural Materials moodboard, featuring swatches by Ashley Wilde, Cambria, Egger Group, Kronospan, BN Walls, Blendworth Interiors, Villa Nova and Romo


When searching for design inspiration, no source is more varied or rewarding than the natural world. Nature is a hotbed of innovation and unyielding perseverance, forming the basis for endless possible designs that marry striking aesthetic appeal with uncompromised durability.

Natural materials bring personality and familiarity to even the sleekest and most minimalist of spaces. This allows furniture crafted with these materials to combine luxury with practicality in a way that makes indulgence more accessible.

Natural stones, quartzite, terrazzo and soft linens are some of the prime examples of natural materials which are inspiring our current and future furniture pieces. Leading designers like Cambria, Villa Nova, Blendworth Interiors and Romo are behind some of our favourite fabric choices for this trend.

Mid-Century Modern

The Herring sideboard by YTM Group


Some design trends come and go, but the Mid-Century Modern movement is the master of resilient popularity. Due to the sheer irresistibility of this style’s aesthetic, it is the obvious source of inspiration when it comes to creating new and exciting items of furniture.

The Mid-Century Modern movement originally came about in the 1950s – both seen as an antidote to the ostentation of the 19th and early 20th centuries, and also as a response to the hardships of the Second World War. Mid-Century designs from the likes of Wegner and Jacobsen signalled a fresh start and rejected the flourishes, bells and whistles of past designs, working with a mantra of form following function.

With roots in Scandinavian design, Mid-Century Modern furniture often showcases features such as low-slung lines, natural woods and practical shapes, blurring the line between contemporary and historical furniture. It has already inspired many of our most successful pieces of recent times (such as the Herring range of sideboards), but Mid-Century Modern will continue to be a huge inspiration for us in 2019.

Blue Planet Effect

YTM Group’s Blue Planet Effect moodboard, featuring swatches by Anthology, Cambria, Sanderson and Kronospan


We’ve mentioned the wealth of inspiration offered by the natural world, but this trend looks more specifically at nature’s more oceanic elements. The Blue Planet Effect is a modern design movement born from the motivation to celebrate and protect the world around us, particularly its oceans.

The movement looks at individual and inspiring design elements such as scalloped furniture, scale tiles and all things curved, wavy or evocative of the sea. It also, naturally, includes a wealth of rich blue tones alongside warm greys, golds, purples and greens. The Blue Planet Effect is already making waves in our West Yorkshire Design Studio, with pieces from big names like Sanderson, Anthology and Kronospan.


YTM Group’s Blush moodboard, featuring swatches by Zoffany, Newmor Wallcoverings, Cambria, Kronospan and Kirkby Design


Like nude tones, blush is a twist on the classic neutral. Hues with a touch of warmth and playful pink to them are a more exciting and inviting alternative to pure white, feeling right at home among soft greys and browns, and even bolder tones like navy or forest green, forming a calming overall palette.

Blush tones are the perfect supportive colour, allowing bolder tones to stand out even more spectacularly. Consider deceptively simple occasional chairs in blush tones, with bolder soft furnishings for a thoroughly modern sense of gentle glamour.

Some of the big names inspiring our blush creations are Cambria, Zoffany, Kirkby Designs and Newmor Wall Coverings.

Spiced Honey & Night Watch – the Colours of the Year

Mercure George Washington Hotel and Golf Course Newcastle, furnished by YTM


Every year, leading experts predict the tones they think are going to dominate in the year to come. For 2019, Dulux has named Spiced Honey as Colour of the Year. This warm, caramel-toned colour contains notes of wood, sand and amber tones for the perfect balance between homeliness and decadence.

From wallcoverings to upholstery and even wood tones, the delicious depth of Spiced Honey is inspiring our creations for 2019. The colour is perfect for the start of a new era, signalling positivity, purpose and transformation.

But Dulux isn’t the only brand crowning colours for the year to come. The experts in hue at PPG have named their Colour of the Year 2019, and it is certainly different to the subtle and contemporary notes of Spiced Honey.

Night Watch is a rich, luxurious and classic shade of green, conjuring images of sumptuous parlours, studies and dining rooms. This darkly emerald tone is applicable to a range of styles; easily paired with dark woods for a traditional feel or high shine finishes and metallic elements for a more modern take.

With so much inspiration and creativity motivating our designs, 2019 is already shaping up to be a year of truly one-of-a-kind furniture here at YTM Group. Watch this space to see how we put these exciting trends into practice.

With a turnkey process and a wide variety of bespoke options available, there are no end to the possibilities when you choose YTM Group for your design project. Get in touch with us today and let’s start a conversation. Call us on 01977 66 50 50 or leave us an online enquiry here. You can also visit us in person at our West Yorkshire Head Office, where you’ll find our extensive Design Studio and Showroom.

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