The commercial furniture trends to watch out for

We’re looking ahead to the styles and influences you can expect to see in the coming months

There are many challenges to overcome when trying to effectively run an establishment, be it a hotel, a care home, a restaurant or something else entirely. One of the earliest hurdles you’ll need to overcome is how best to furnish your venue in order to accurately reflect what your business is all about. You want a space you can be proud of, and one that your guests can enjoy.

There is an increasing pressure on those running establishments of all kinds to provide a luxury experience for guests, residents and customers. 70% of hotel guests expect a high level of personalisation during their stay, according to a report from IBM, while Age UK reports that more than a quarter (27%) of care home residents live in a home for more than three years – reflecting a need to create a real sense of comfort and belonging.

The Mercure Hotel in Bristol, furnished by YTM


Providing the very best for guests and residents means providing a luxurious sensory experience, whatever your establishment. This starts with your venue’s appearance. The right interior setting has the power to completely change the way people feel about your establishment, so it’s important to stay up to date with what the public expects.

The perfect furniture solutions are both trendy and timeless. We’re going to take a look at some of the key commercial furniture trends that are set to make their mark over the coming months. From jewel tones and rouge accents to animal prints and desert decadence, read on and take inspiration from some of these exciting, inviting and unusual furniture solutions for your venue.

Go wild in the wild west

One of the most surprising furniture trends that is seeing an increase in popularity in establishments such as hotels, restaurants and high-end retail venues is wild west-inspired décor.

Earthy tones, rough weave textures, cactus shapes and Navajo prints are all starting to make their mark, and are sure to be seen more and more as we make the move into autumn. If your establishment boasts a youthful, fun or abstract vibe, this could be a great trend to inspire your décor with chevron shapes, natural textures and Aztec patterns.

There are several ways to introduce this look, although soft furnishings and accessories are preferable to larger furniture items, as they are less permanent and can swapped out with changing trends and seasons. Consider bright throws for seating, mirage rugs, textured towels and tasselled cushions as a strong starting point.

Paint the town red

Oakland Primecare, furnished by YTM


Scarlet is already dominating this autumn and this trend is set to continue throughout the winter months. After the recent popularity of pastel shades and leafy greens we’ve seen throughout the first half of the year, a bolder and more vibrant red tone can be a fantastic way to bring both warmth and excitement to communal interior spaces such as lobbies and lounges.

Whether a statement piece or subtle accents throughout a room, red is going to be making a splash, reflecting the richer colours we associate with autumn and winter. Red can be a great way to inject individuality into more neutral areas, which in turn can help your establishment stick in the minds of those using its services.

More long-term red additions to a space include sofas, armchairs and dining seating with rich red upholstery, or a bold rouge feature wall to bring focus and energy to a room. Alternatively, you can include additions that you can later swap out, such as cushions, flower arrangements or even crockery in a dining space.

Quality over quantity

Intercontinental Hotels – The O2, furnished by YTM


Luxury is what people are looking for these days, no matter what kind of establishment they are seeking out. Hotel guests are constantly expecting more from their stay, whether complementary rewards, individual services or local experiences, and gone are the days when it was acceptable for care home facilities to share the look and feel of a hospital ward.

So opting for high quality, well-made, attractive furniture solutions that stand out and stand the test of time is perhaps the most important factor to take away from this list. Whether wooden surfaces, seating and storage or soft upholstered solutions, you need to explore options which are going to look as good six months down the line as they do now.

Embrace emerald elegance

If luxury is what people are looking for, then jewel tones and dazzling accessories are one sure fire way to achieve it. Deep green has been a popular colour choice for several years now, but this year it is taking on a precious gem-like quality to really shine – both literally and figuratively.

Charles Avenue care home, furnished by YTM


Features such as marbleised finishes, mineral prints and striking geological shapes can all bring a sense of ‘how the other half lives’ to your establishment, in a way which is both undoubtedly modern and yet reminiscent of classical architecture. Likewise, pairing green tones with blues and woods offers a more homely feel. A thought-provoking combination such as this is sure to stick in the minds of hotel guests next time they need somewhere to stay in your area.

Stone effect pattern wallpaper and statement pendant lights can make bold additions for top-end hotels and restaurants, while care homes can benefit from more lighter, grassier green tones which feel more relaxing.

Introduce purr-fect animal prints

For something more fun and accessible, animal prints are growing in popularity across commercial venues as a standout way to bring life to an otherwise neutral space. In spaces where a frivolous, romantic vibe is appropriate (such as an evening restaurant or hotel suite) big cat prints can be both chic and energetic.

Like red, introducing animal prints into a space challenge an otherwise safe, neutral palette and ultimately transform it into something more memorable. Even care homes can benefit from a few subtle animal prints in a space, as different prints will create a very different effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Of course, you don’t want to overdo it and create an environment that is too wild for most people’s tastes. Something like leopard print wallpaper can work in certain spaces, but it is a risk. For a more manageable touch of wildlife, try introducing printed lampshades, floor cushions or mirror frames.

Commit to sustainable furniture

The H Hotel Bakewell, furnished by YTM


Like luxury furniture, choosing sustainable furniture is less of a “current trend” and more of a long term necessirt which you should be striving to include in your establishment at all times. All industries are feeling the pressure to stay green, especially hotels. In fact, research by Skift reveals that 62% of travellers consider the impact on the environment when booking hotels, and almost a fifth of guests are willing to pay more for eco-features.

Ensuring your establishment meets sustainable demands requires some research on your part. Before committing to a furniture provider, take the time to find out their manufacturing methods and the impact of their chosen materials.

At YTM we pride ourselves on our strong environmental conscience, creating luxury contract furniture by making efficient use of resources and raw materials in order to minimise waste generation. We also comply with ISO14001 for Environmental Management Standards and ISO9001 for Quality Management Standards.

As experts in high quality contract furniture manufacture, we can provide the solutions that your establishment needs. Get in touch today by clicking here, or by calling our team on 01977 66 50 50.

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