Is bespoke furniture the best choice for your establishment?

Finding the right furniture can be difficult, but going bespoke can increase your options dramatically

Whether you’re at the head of a successful hotel, restaurant, care home or a different kind of establishment entirely, the items you choose to fill your venue with is one of the most important decisions you are required to make. The way an establishment looks and feels is paramount to its continued success, and that’s why finding the right furniture solutions should always be a key priority.

One option that more and more providers are turning to is that of bespoke furniture. This is furniture you can customise to suit your individual needs, but there is still a lot of uncertainty and misunderstanding surrounding bespoke solutions.

Obviously, whether bespoke furniture is right for you depends largely on your venue and your requirements, but we’re here to share six key benefits of bespoke furniture which may help you see it as a viable option for your venue. Let’s take a look.

You can perfectly realise your vision without compromise

The most obvious benefit of bespoke furniture is having the ability to create something which matches your vision perfectly. This is particularly great if you have very specific ideas about how you want your venue to look. One standout item of bespoke furniture can inform the design of the wider space and give you a set aesthetic to work towards.

It’s completely unique

Anybody in charge of pleasing hotel guests or restaurant goers wants the same thing – to give customers an enjoyable experience which will stick in their minds. And in order to leave an impression, an experience must be unique. Bespoke furniture goes a long way to creating a unique guest experience. If those visiting your establishment are surrounded by furniture unlike anything they’ve ever seen, they’re much more likely to think of you next time they require a similar establishment.

Fill up awkward spaces

Bespoke furniture is as much a practical solution as it is an aesthetic one. If your venue includes rooms with awkward corners, nooks and layouts, it can be extremely difficult to create an effective space to put to use. A custom-built piece of furniture can be specifically designed to fit the room’s awkward layout perfectly, creating a functional and attractive environment.

It provides smart storage

Storage is something that’s important to consider in any venue, though in too many cases it becomes an afterthought, which can have a negative impact on the design overall. Choosing a custom-built unit can provide you with a stylish storage solution with plenty of space, helping your establishment stay free from clutter.

You can customise every aspect, including finish and material

It’s not just the shape and function of the design that is under your control when you go bespoke – the colour and finish can also be customised. Bespoke furniture comes at many different levels, so even if you like the build of an available piece of furniture, you can still customise the colour, finish or upholstery to create something unique.

It’s not as inaccessible as you might think

As bespoke furniture becomes more and more popular, it is also becoming increasingly accessible. With a variety of options and materials available, it’s easier than ever to customise your venue with stunning furniture, helping to turn your interior dreams into a reality.

YTM offer high quality contract furniture solutions for a wide range of establishments, including care homes, student accommodation and hotels. Alongside our extensive catalogue of furniture families, we also offer bespoke furniture solutions to help you create a space that’s truly unique.

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