6 steps to successfully rebranding your establishment

Here’s what the experts have to say about successfully transforming your venue and brand

Whether you’re a hotel, restaurant, care home or something else entirely, rebranding your establishment can feel like a big risk, but it can also be a springboard for future success.

To help you make the right choices, here’s some of the best advice from those who have been there, done it and got the branded t-shirt.

Confirm whether you’re doing the right thing

Head of marketing and customer support for Retire Ready Support, David Black, led his company through a complete rebrand as a way of encouraging growth and clarifying services. However, Black says that before you start making changes to your business and brand, you need to have a clear idea of whether such a change is necessary:

“If it isn’t essential, there may be easier ways to grow your business.

“Make sure to think through everything that will be affected and consider the time, expense and work that will need to go into it.”

Use your history to plan your future

According to the communication and business experts at GetVoIP, a great backstory goes a long way when it comes to celebrating a new look while maintaining your roots.

They refer to Subway’s ‘Jared campaign’ as a prime example: “Through 1998, Subway’s sales in the US were estimated to have been $3 billion. Then, they heard a story about Jared Fogle. They fact-checked his story and realised he was the ‘everyman’ that could help make the company relatable. Since Jared? They’ve made over $111 billion.”

Capturing the essence of a business can help provide a sense of authenticity and make people feel like they can engage with a brand. Talking about humble beginnings also serves to highlight how far a brand has come since those early days.

Look to your competitors for inspiration

As well as looking at your own history, you should also take a look at what your competitors are doing, according to brand and marketing experts Brafton:

“What are competitors doing better? What does the data say about market opportunities? How will changes map to results?”

Seeing what similar establishments might be doing better than you, and exploring how they market themselves, will make your rebrand much more informed.

Transform your establishment with luxury furniture solutions

A new look is arguably the most important aspect of the rebranding process. A new logo is nothing if it isn’t supported by an overhaul of your premises. If your venue is beginning to show its age, some fresh new furniture solutions and interior touches can help it feel like new.

David Rockwell, restaurant architect and founder and CEO of Rockwell Group, says that every aspect of a venue’s design should be considered in any refurbishment: “Can you read the menus? Is the chair a 45-minute chair or is it a two-and-a-half-hour chair? Does that match the rhythm the chef has in mind?”

Consider what vibe you want your interior design to portray, whether modern, minimalist or vintage, and keep this theme present throughout your venue.

YTM create luxury contract furniture solutions to fit any venue and any style. We can create bespoke solutions tailored perfectly to your establishment.

Keep people informed

Brian Moak, owner of HEART Certified Auto Care, rebranded and expanded his family business, leading it on to become a national US franchise. He highlights the importance of keeping your existing custom informed about the changes taking place.

“During a rebranding process, keep your communication simple, straightforward and speak to people’s fears and concerns. Change is scary, and people need clear explanations to understand, support and buy into your vision.”

Social media is a great place to form connections with clients, guests and customers. There are over 3 and a half billion social media users in the world, equating to around 46% of the global population, presenting a potentially huge platform for letting people know about your new look.

Host an event to celebrate your efforts

Once you have successfully overhauled the way your establishment looks and runs, it’s time to celebrate it. A launch event is a great way to build up a buzz around your new look, especially if you plan far enough in advance to drum up interest in the local area. Food, drink and a tempting welcome offer will all help you entice new custom and reward those who have stuck with you before your rebranding.

Joan Schneider, CEO of Schneider Associates and author of The New Launch Plan, emphasises the importance of a great launch event, saying that you shouldn’t pull any punches even if your turnout is lower than expected.

“Stick to the motto of, ‘if they don’t come, they’re going to see it anyway’.”

If your rebrand means a new interior and new furniture in your premises, we are the perfect partners to choose. Our track record in contract furniture manufacture, supply and fitting is second to none. Call our team on 01977 66 50 50 or, to leave an enquiry, click here.

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