5 questions to ask yourself when furnishing your venue

The right furniture is about more than just looking good

There are many factors to consider when furnishing a hotel, care home, student residence or another commercial space such as a bar or restaurant. Choosing the wrong furniture can have repercussions for the overall feel of your venue, failing to achieve the all-important vibe you were initially trying to create.

When choosing furniture, we tend to go straight for the designs we like the look of. But while aesthetics are important, they are only one factor. There are many other aspects of furniture you need to consider before making your final decision. Here are five questions to ask yourself when it comes to furnishing your venue.

How has it been constructed?

A high quality piece of furniture will look and feel solid, and this is all down to how it has been constructed. Solid wood frames will generally last much longer than light aluminium or particle board alternatives, which is why this is the standard when shopping for fine furniture items. Looking for features like this will ensure that the price falls in line with your expectations of how long an item of furniture is going to last.

Comfort is also a key aspect of construction, particularly when it comes to seating. Be sure to inspect the cushions and give the furniture a sit test. No matter how great a piece of furniture looks, it’s not going to do the job if it isn’t comfortable.

What is the silhouette?

When furnishing a communal or public space, there is even more pressure to ensure that the shape and style of the furniture falls in line with the general atmosphere. If you’re trying to create a relaxing and welcoming care home environment, does the furniture you’re choosing exude comfort and familiarity? If your aim is to create a modern hotel environment, is your furniture sleek and stylish enough to pull this off effectively? Your goal here should be to find furniture that you and your consumer base will love now and several years down the line.

What finish is used?

For furniture featuring exposed wood, finish is another aspect you will need to evaluate carefully. Furniture items can be altered dramatically by the wood stain or finish colour used, so explore all your options thoroughly. A traditional dining chair with a bold colour finish can instantly appear contemporary, while a grand mahogany sideboard feels more modern and homely when painted white. The best contract furniture manufacturers, like YTM, are able to customise furniture to ensure that your final product is the perfect fit.

For wooden furniture items, you should also get to grips with the difference between veneer, laminate and solid wood.

What fabrics and upholstery have been used?

Fabrics and upholstery are the equivalent of finishes and stains for soft furniture items, like sofas, armchairs, beds and curtains. Think about both how your fabric of choice looks and the way it feels, as texture is a key part of providing maximum comfort in any space. Lighter fabrics and bold patterns make a space feel more contemporary and energetic, while darker fabrics can be used to add a sense of grandeur to a hotel or restaurant space. Again, seek out providers that offer bespoke solutions to keep your options open.

Does it possess that special something?

Despite the importance of these factors, you also have to consider your decision with your heart as well as your head. If you don’t feel a connection to a piece of furniture, chances are your guests won’t either. Look for items that possess a certain je ne sais quoi to make them memorable to visitors, guests or residents. The personality of your brand should be reflected in every piece of furniture you choose.

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