3 simple ways to give your establishment a refresh

A new look can do wonders for the reputation and popularity of your venue. But there is a lot to consider before you take the plunge.

Whether you are the proud provider of a hotel, a care home, a restaurant or indeed any hospitality venue, appearances matter. Whenever a resident, guest or customer enters a new space, it is the visuals that set the tone and inform their initial perception. Not only that but the look of your establishment needs to back aesthetics up with other benefits – benefits that appeal to the other senses. From the texture of upholstery and bedding to the comfort of a mattress or seat cushion and even the aroma of a room, there is so much you can do to make people feel indulged and welcomed.

For hotels, the effect of design is particularly evident. Luxury hospitality experiences accounted for more than 29% of the total global luxury market, according to figures from London-based management firm Bain & Company. This reveals a growth of 5% faster than the luxury goods segment.

The numbers also support the importance of great interior design for more than just leisure time. One study found that a positive change in appearance at the office can actually increase workplace productivity by up to 20%, while a study by Gensler’s WPI Analytics found that the most significant factor in determining an employee’s ability to focus is their physical environment.

Director of Y. Studio, Yaron Kanor, states: “Awareness of great design has definitely increased […] Hospitality entrepreneurs know a well-designed venue will positively affect staff performance, customer experience and overall functionality.

Given that many hotel guests travel for work purposes, the statistics relating to productivity are also applicable to transient workers. After all, a hotel guest working remotely from a hotel restaurant or bedroom is more likely to give the establishment repeat business if they find their stay to be not only comfortable but also beneficial to their business. In terms of choosing furniture and refreshing interior design, this is a key consideration for hotels – helping to steer their choice of worksurfaces, light fixtures and seating solutions.

Mill Hotel & Spa, furnished by YTM. This clean-cut bedroom design celebrates the beauty of simplicity, displaying that design doesn’t need to be over the top to feel luxurious.


While the idea of overhauling interior spaces may sound costly and time intensive, you might be surprised to learn how easy it can be to completely transform the way a venue looks and feels through a few carefully chosen statement pieces. Let’s take a closer look at three factors that are crucial to any redesign or refresh project.

Tailoring to the specifics of your establishment

It’s easy to let your imagination run away with you when planning a redesign, but practicality should come first and foremost. This is something echoed by Kanor, who comments:

The most important element for venue owners is functionality. Venues must function at the highest level possible for them to succeed long-term.

Mercure Hotel in Cardiff, furnished by YTM. Room dividers and oversized rugs are just some of the ways this open area takes on the role of several distinct zones.


Considering the function of your space falls largely in the realm of zoning, which involves designating a purpose to a space and designing to fulfil that purpose. Zoning is particularly important in large, open plan spaces like hotel lobbies or care home entrance areas. By zoning, you can split the room into several smaller areas, each with their own distinct purpose. This will help you avoid the danger of continuous, unvaried designs which can easily become bland and forgettable.

Creative director of DesignOffice, Mark Simpson, knows all about the importance of zoning, explaining that it’s mostly about the furnishings you choose:

“It’s good to have a mix of seating types – high and low, comfy seat and low, comfy seats and lounges […] Always try to avoid a sea of the same chairs and tables. You need to provide a variety of spaces where everything is not the same level.”

It’s also important to think about how your current guests, residents or customers use your facilities, and how they would like to interact within a space. Great design and intelligent layout emphasises the natural flow, rather than making a room more difficult to use. For example, you must always consider shape and size before purchasing furniture – elect to buy pieces that are too big and you make a room feel smaller; go too small and your furniture fails to make the necessary impact. Flow should also take into account the way you want to guide your guests or customers through a space – are you channelling them from door to door or partitioning areas for different. Think logically about the way people will want to operate within a space: how close is the light switch from the bed? Is there plenty of comfortable seating in a waiting area? Do you make it easy for people to transition from a bar area to a dining room?

Creating different moods through design

Once you’ve nailed the practical elements of your redesign, you can begin to have fun with the possibilities. A successful design isn’t just about making a good-looking space which serves its purpose. It’s also about creating an emotional connection with your guests, ensuring that you stick in their mind next time they require the services you provide. To do this, you need to use your design to create a distinct mood.

MHA Mickle Hill, furnished by YTM. This care home design uses bright greens and fresh woods to create a fun, energising environment.


In a care home, it could mean trying to create a homely, welcoming atmosphere by using curved lines and plush upholstery, as well as flowers, soft furnishings and warm tones. Likewise, it could mean trying to create a calm atmosphere with the use of soft neutral tones like blues, beiges and creams. Soft, light patterns and subtly curved furniture shapes can help to emphasise this mood, as can the presence of calming flowers like hydrangeas or chamomiles.

You might want to try and create a luxury atmosphere in a hotel or restaurant space by using cool tones like rich navy and earthy brown, opting for patterns with a striking contrast of light and dark. Furniture with simple, sleek straight lines can help to accentuate a feeling of modern decadence, while the presence of leafy plants can add brightness and contrast. You may be trying to create a more lively, family-friendly vibe, in which case a contrast of strong and bold colour choices alongside thick patterns and statement wall art can bring the excitement you need.

The Dakota Deluxe hotel in Glasgow, furnished by YTM. Dark woods, low lighting and earthy tones create a bedroom environment which is at once relaxing and dramatic.

Introducing statement furniture

The way a space is designed is only as good as the furniture that fills it, so don’t be afraid to invest in quality rather than quantity.

Every space in your establishment should feature at least one statement piece, be it a grand dining table, a plush sofa, a modern bed or a chic sideboard in the hallway. This will help bring focus to the area, and allow the room to make more of an impact. Understanding the vibe you want to create will help you narrow down your furniture options, giving you a choice of modern, ornate, minimalist, rustic, traditional and many other designs.

Warburton House, furnished by YTM. This bold, elegant use of colour ensures that this seating acts as a dynamic statement area for residents.


At YTM, we also offer bespoke furniture solutions. This is a great way to invest in a real statement piece, helping your establishment truly feel like one of a kind.

Looking to create a new look with high quality furniture additions? You’re in the right place. At YTM, we have almost 40 years of experience in contract furniture manufacture, so we can help turn your vision into a reality. Get in touch today and let’s start a conversation. Call our team on 01977 66 50 50 or leave us an enquiry online by clicking here.

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